Integrated Measurement Control Products

Auto Leveling System

Traditional auto leveling systems use an independent ECU controller with both a front and rear leveling sensor. DAC’s ALSECU is utilizes the latest breakthrough design for an integrated controller and sensors into a single module. Through a complex mathematical simulation and electronic design, it achieves the same functionality as the traditional ALS system while significantly reducing costs.

The ALSECU can apply to the original vehicle models to upgrade the existing manual DC motor to an automatic ALS system, by only adjusting the software without expending any additional tooling cost; it also can be used for high-level dynamic adjustment with a matched stepper motor..

System Principle

LSECU can detect the vehicle chassis leveling change, according to the suspension leveling change data and speed signals through a complex calculation and control logic then dynamically driving DC motors or actuation module to adjust the headlamp low beam illumination angle to ensure the appropriate lighting and safety for the driver.

Technical Parameters

Item Specs
Operating temperature range – 40℃ to + 105 ℃
Storage temperature range – 40℃ to + 125 ℃
Operating Voltage range 9~16V DC
Mechanical angle range 360°
Waterproof level IP6K9K(with connector)
Life cycle 5,000,000 cycles min.
Communication K-Line/LIN/CAN/Signal Input

System Block Diagram


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