Our Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) offers a turned headlight design from “components” to full “System” integration; from static to dynamic. Lighting changes from fixed area of more traditional passive headlights to a safer active lighting system . The active lighting system can change the vehicle headlight illumination area according to travel state to ensure the driver has a safer driving vision. This system consists of HID (High Intensity Discharge) xenon headlamp ballast, angular sensor, body leveling sensor, headlamp turning driving mechanism and controller (ECU). It has mainly two functions: follow-up turning and horizontal adjustment.

All components from Advanced Leading Technology’s intelligent AFS Headlamps are fully designed and owned by ALT technology. The system meets global lighting standards, reduces cost, and is not dependent on foreign imported parts.

System Components

DC Motor

Stepping Motor

HID Ballast


Leveling Sensor

System Principle

AFS uses the vehicle steering angle and both the front and rear suspension body level sensor signal (detects body height change) as well as the vehicle’s speed signal. It works through a complex operation and control logic between the turning drive and headlamps to obtain the best lamp lighting angle.

Through dynamic adjustment of the lamp, it ensures that the driver has the best lighting distance and visual range, enhancing the driving safety even in the darkest environment.

Function Description

Follow-up turning function: according to the vehicle velocity and left and right turning angle, headlights can adjust in real-time turning to provide the best lighting range for the driver, it has a turning range of 16 degrees outward, and 8 degrees inward

Leveling adjustment function:

  • Lighting range adjustment: adjustment of the headlamp angle is done to provide the best lighting distance according to the speed, vehicle body posture change (urgent acceleration/deceleration, load changes, drive in the uphill/downhill).
  • Bad road mode: in bad driving conditions, it can make sure the headlamp lighting distance will not be frequently adjusted; avoiding
    impacting the driver’s concentration and/or causing eye fatigue.

The System Frame


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