Automotive Sensors

Air Mass Meter Sensor

DAC’s Air Mass Meter Sensor can detect the air humidity and flow before it gets into the engine. It calcula...

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Rain Sensor

DAC’s Rain Sensor adopts optical sensing methods to detect light refraction changes when it rains, in order...

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Engine fuel nozzle temperature p...

Engine fuel nozzle temperature and pressure sensors mainly to measure the pressure and temperature changes ...

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Pedal sensor

The main function of the pedal sensor is to detect the pedal angle changes and send the real-time signal to...

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Gas tank pressure sensor

The main function of the gas tank pressure sensor is to measure the inside pressure changes of the fuel tan...

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Fuel Level Sensor

DAC’s Fuel Level Sensor has been supplied to Ford, GM and other major car companies for over twenty-five ye...

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Auto Angular Sensor

DAC’s steering angle sensor provides long lifetime and high-accuracy measurements, can detect 360-degree ab...

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Auto Leveling Sensor

DAC’s leveling sensor uses hall-effect technology, is a non-contact type of advanced design, providing long...

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